Why such a long wait?

We hand-toss our dough and cook every pizza to order, which takes a minimum of 15 minutes. That’s if you’re the first and/or only pizza ordered. Quality foods takes time.

Can I get a thin-crust pizza?

Sorry, we only serve one style of pizza. Our dough and oven temperatures are specifically formulated for our signature slow-rise, honey dough with a pillowy, breadstick crust. Our dough formula and oven temperatures just wont work as a thin-crust.

Can I get my pizza well done?

Sorry, no well-done pizzas here. The honey in our dough creates a unique pizza, which if cooked too long goes from perfect, golden-brown to burnt.

How big is your personal pizza?

Our personal is almost exactly the size of two slices from a large pie. If you normally eat more than two slices, we recommend getting a larger size. And who doesn’t love leftover pizza?

Why no medium pizza?

Given our small kitchen and limited space, we’re only able to accommodate personal and family-style large pizzas. Sorry folks!

Can I order a half and half pizza?

No problem, happy to make a half and half, but only for large pizzas. Half and half unavailable for personals. Extra charges may apply.

Do you have Vegan pizzas?

Sorry folks, no specifically vegan pizzas. Also, please note our dough contains honey and our sauce contains cheese. It was either cheese or sugar to balance out the acidity of the tomatoes. We chose cheese rather than added refined sugars. If you want a vegan pizza, we recommend our gluten free with an olive oil base and loaded with our fresh sliced veggies.

Can you tell me about your gluten free options?

We pride ourselves on offering high-quality gluten free options—a classic gluten free crust and a cauliflower crust (please note, the cauliflower crust contains cheese). Please let us know if you have celiac’s or gluten intolerance. We take extra care to accommodate your needs and cook on separate trays and use clean cutting boards and utensils. However, we are not a gluten free restaurant and cannot ensure cross contamination will not occur.

Can I get a Take & Bake pizza?

Sorry, no take & bake pizzas. We want to ensure the highest quality and home ovens can’t reach the temperature of our commercial stone deck ovens.

Why can’t I get BBQ Sauce as a base?

Chef knows best. We only offer BBQ Sauce on two of our signature pies. Our Pineapple BBQ Sauce is unique and our chef chose specific complimentary flavors. We have a lot of other great create your own options if you opt to go that route.

What pizzas can I get as a slice? Can I get a slice of a signature pie?

We have a lot of signature creative pies and can’t accommodate everyone’s personal taste as we’re a small shop with limited room for pre-made slices. We stick to the classic slices—cheese, pepperoni, supreme, veggie, and bacon-jalapeno (a local favorite). Our signature pies are available as a personal or large.

Can I substitute toppings on the signature pies?

Sure, but limit one substitution and limit meat for meat and veggie for veggie (extra charges may apply depending on the topping). Our amazing staff created these unique pies. If you’d like more than one substitution on a signature pie, we offer the create your own option. Put on your creative hat and go crazy!!!

Can I reserve a table? How much seating do you have?

Sorry, we can’t accommodate reservations. We’re a small shop with only one table and some barstools. However, there are plenty of covered picnic tables around the shopping village. We recommend grabbing a pie and heading half a block to Hanalei Bay to enjoy the sunset.

Where are you located? How can I find you?

Look for the sign that says “Pizzeria” and park near the Big Save Market.

Do you have the best pizza in Kauai?

We love our unique, creative pizzas and sure you will too, but that’s up for you to decide!