About Us

At Hanalei Bay Pizzeria, we’re a small family-run business that started as an effort to bring great food to the north shore of Kauai. We strive to offer Kauai’s premier artisan pizza. While we still have the classics, we pride ourselves on offering a taste of the islands with creative, unique creations and the freshest available ingredients.

After spending 10 years in Washington DC, we abandoned our cubicles and moved to Kauai to pursue dreams of opening a restaurant in our favorite place on earth. We always said, “let’s retire in Kauai,” but sooner than expected the island called and we answered. We decided on pizza, which we believe brings together family and friends to provide great memories. We still recall what turned out to be our very first date. My now-wife innocently (or so she claims!) called me to hang out and share a free pizza she won from our local pizzeria. Many more shared pizzas and three kids later, the rest is history.

Our backgrounds also influence how we approach our unique, Kauai pizza. Living on the east coast, we learned to appreciate the time and effort it takes to craft artisan, old-world breads and pizzas. Growing up in California, we also value incredibly fresh produce and a melting pot of different cuisines. With that in mind, we select our ingredients and craft our unique pizzas. Bottom line—our philosophy is never used canned vegetables or pineapple—why use canned when our islands offer so much?

So, everyone always asks—how’d we create such an amazing dough? I’m not a trained chef but rather a self-taught food science enthusiast, and have come to learn good food is neither an art or a science… it’s both! Also, my wife always refused to eat pizza crust and insisted I create something softer and more breadstick-like. After years of trial and error in our backyard pizza oven, here we are! I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

When we’re not making dough or tossing pies, we’re out with our three kids exploring the wonders of Kauai or hanging out at the Bay. Come chat with us or our friendly staff about some of the amazing beaches, hikes, or hot spots that Kauai offers.